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Title/Position: Assistant Project Manager with 22 years’ experience

Mr. Carter’s experience includes supervisory, project management, project engineer and design engineer roles in high profile projects such as extended power uprate, troubled plant restart, digital upgrades, safety related medium voltage substation procurement (a large construction project).  Mr. Carter has worked in both major projects and plant engineering organizations, involving varied subject matter including medium voltage switchgear, diesel generators, protective relaying, excitation and voltage regulation systems, intrusion detection, CCTV and medium sized motors.


05/14-Pres      Assistant Project Manager, – Dominion (Precision Resource Co.)

Also functioned as Responsible Engineer for Open Phase Isolation System Projects at Millstone, North Anna and Surry Power Stations during first seven months of assignment.  While also functioning as the technical lead, conducted budgetary walkdowns, developed Plant Health Steering Committee and Project Funding Review Board presentations for all three sites.  Wrote requests for bids for outside AE services to conduct OPC analysis and design services.  Developed project schedules and scope documents.  Represented Dominion at Nuclear Energy Institute meetings and NRC public meetings on Open Phase Condition.


03/12-05/14      Principal Engineer, – Port Saint Lucie (Myriad Technical Services)

Responsible for oversight of four emergency diesel generator (EDG) voltage regulator/excitation system replacements and four EDG online monitoring systems at Plant Saint Lucie.  Designed and commissioned a study, and later, conducted a detailed alternatives analysis examining options for addressing the reliability and obsolescence of the existing eight emergency diesel generator voltage regulator/excitation systems at Plant Saint Lucie and Plant Turkey Point.  Study and analysis examined industry trends, current vendors, reverse engineering, operating experience, fleet considerations, cost, risk and many other factors in reaching their conclusions.  Originated technical specifications, and bid evaluations for the purchase of equipment.  In addition to technical oversight, PM-related activities included alternatives analysis, scope definition, WBS, budget and schedule.

05/11-02/12     Deputy Supervisor, EPU – Port Saint Lucie (Talascend Technical Services)

Bechtel Deputy Supervisor, Extended Power Uprate Project.  Assisted with technical supervision of design engineers and designer/drafters during final EPU outage for Unit 1 and the final push to complete design work for the upcoming Unit 2 outage.  Performed Senior Modification Coordinator role responsible for overall administrative compliance quality improvement initiatives of all electrical lead Bechtel Electrical design change packages and revisions (reviewing and approving all packages as the final step just prior to Engineering Manager approval).  Evaluated EMI/RFI concerns with new variable frequency drives on the Bus Duct Cooling system. 
01/09-05/11     Project Engineer – Oconee Nuclear Station (Energy Services Group)
Project Engineer for Oconee Nuclear Station’s very large ($500+ million) Protected Service Water Engineered Electrical Equipment construction project.  Ultimately responsible for engineering oversight and leadership for all design, procurement and testing associated with installation of new class 1E 13.8kVAC, 4.16kVAC, 600VAC, 125VDC, HVAC, and fire detection equipment in a newly constructed building on the plant site.  Project management related activities included performance of schedule development, cost estimating, vendor oversight and engineering resource leveling.  As Duke’s  advocate, negotiated technical and commercial issues with between suppliers, AE, procurement firm and Duke.  Revised purchase specifications.  Created a formal plan for factory inspections and witness activities, improving vendor oversight and achieving INPO “Best Practice” recognition for the site.   
09/04-01/09     Lead Engineer – Oconee Nuclear Station (Energy Services Group)
Lead Engineer Automatic Voltage Regulator Replacement Project and Main Generator Protective Relaying Upgrade Project (digital upgrades).  Lead multi-discipline design team, negotiated technical and commercial issues with both suppliers and client.  Revised technical purchase specification.  Conducted factory inspections and witnessed factory acceptance testing.  Development and oversight of site acceptance testing.  Test coordinator for post-install and pre-commissioning activities.  Involved in project schedule development, cost estimating, vendor oversight and engineering resource leveling.
12/03-09/04     Qualified Reviewer – Oconee Nuclear Station (Areva). 
Provided outage support for digital upgrade of Keowee Hydro Governor and Voltage Regulator/Excitation Systems (EX2000) and Oconee Unit 3 Digital Control Rod Drive Control System.  Lead Engineer Nuclear Safety Related Battery Replacement (Keowee Hydro Units 1 and 2).
04/02-12/03     Discipline Lead Engineer – Oconee Nuclear Station (Framatome ANP)
Lead Engineer Security CCTV portion of Security Upgrade Project for complete replacement of Security CCTV system.  Maintained safeguards information clearance.  Design study followed by design of all new video and control transmission system architecture.  P.C. based control system programming and system integration with Intrusion Detection / Access Control system computer.  Selection of cable and equipment models and placement.  Performed lens, resolution, voltage drop, burden, and other calculations for CCTV equipment.  Assisted Perimeter Intrusion Detection System project, search lobby equipment upgrade, and various security-related civil/structural enhancements to site.  Provided field support for implementation of new CCTV switcher and camera installations.
04/01-04/02     Electrical Engineer – Oconee Nuclear Station (Duke Engineering & Services)
Electrical Engineer for Unit 1 Reactor Building Cooling Unit (RBCU) Replacement project.  This project involved cable sizing, control element selection and coordination, voltage drop and load flow calculations.  Wrote purchase specification for electric equipment.  Field support of implementation.  Owner acceptance review of Unit 2 RBCU replacement modification package written by third party based on Unit 1.
08/99-12/00     Unit-1 Startup System Manager – D. C. Cook Plant (Estes Group/Sun Technical)
System Manager during plant startup from extended outage.  Responsible for Annunciators, Hydrogen Mitigation, Plant Communications, Seismic Monitoring, Boric Acid Heat Trace and others.  Supported a variety of plant modifications in responsible systems.  Generated Final System Readiness Review Reports and Affirmation Reports.  Performed Non-Conformance Evaluation of containment cable support issue.  Worked with Scheduling, Planning, and Operations to insure proper prioritization and execution of restart work and eventual turnover to operations and affirmation of all systems for restart. 
04/99-07/99     Electrical Systems Engineer – D. C. Cook Plant (Duke Engineering & Services)
Conducted system readiness reviews for plant startup from extended outage.  Assessed Offsite Power, Control Rod Drive Mechanism, Annunciator System, Boric Acid, Communications, App R. lighting system engineers and others with design and licensing bases.  Activities included, review of licensing documents, correspondence, commitments, design drawings, preventive maintenance programs, work backlog, past/pending design changes and multi-disciplined system walkdowns.  Developed initial walkdown strategies, lead multi-discipline walkdown teams and delegated actions to team members.   Evaluated material condition for each system in preparation for restart.
11/98-03/99     Modification Engineer – Crystal River Unit 3 (Duke Engineering & Services)
Electrical design for installation of two new safety related valves and modification of controls for two existing valves.  Responsibilities included cables election, routing, & separation; configuration management; App. R compliance; SBO considerations; installation instructions; and checking of design drawings.  Gained recognition from client and company because modification was performed with NO field changes, under budget and on-schedule. 
06/96-11/98     System Engineer – Oconee Nuclear Station (Duke Engineering & Services)
System Engineer for Communications, Closed Circuit Television, ATWS, and Security systems.  System Engineering activities included electrical design, trending, troubleshooting, plant support, year 2000 assessment & testing, root-cause analysis, and Maintenance Rule functions.  Worked with a variety of computer and electronic systems including, video capture and surveillance equipment, intrusion detection equipment, PLCs, and UPSs. Year 2000 involvement included inventory, assessment, and testing of embedded microprocessors and software code.  Conducted NRC Generic Letter 96-01 review of Tech Spec required testing of control logic.  Assisted with electrical review of Design Basis Event Mitigation Equipment Calculations and Improved Tech Specs.  Earned early promotion to Engineer. 
02/94-06/96     Associate Plant Engineer – Brunswick Nuclear Plant (Carolina Power & Light)
System Engineer for
DC systems.  Provided support to Operations and Maintenance, directing acceptance testing/trouble shooting of modifications, and performance trending.  Assisted in site implementation of Maintenance Rule, Improved Tech Specs and Power Uprate.  Gained recognition for exceptional quality in writing several outage major modifications with NO field revisions.  Conducted extensive electrical load list walkdown program during Technical Support tour of duty.  Served on Engineering Support teams providing 24hr support during two outages and on Engineering Dept. Fire Prevention Safety Committee.  Completed six-week BWR systems class.  Earned early promotion to Associate Engineer. 
Fall 1993         Visiting Instructor/Research Assistant –Clemson University
Taught sections of digital electronics design and logic laboratory, enhancing public speaking and technical writing skills.  Sponsored by a National Science Foundation research assistantship, wrote sophisticated C+ program to calculate harmonic current losses in multi-phase power distribution systems. 
Summer 1993     Engineering Intern – Hartness International
Assisted with electrical design and programming of multi-drive packing machines.  Performed electrical design and documentation with AUTO CAD 12.  Revised EPROM, stepper motor and PLC programs.  Duties included hands-on troubleshooting and debugging of electrical power and control systems and electromechanical actuators. 
Summer 1992    Engineering Intern – Crystal River Unit 3 (Florida Power Corporation).
Constructed motor and load models for AC transient starting calculations. Revised AC and DC load flow and voltage drop calculations.  Verified breaker and fuse coordination.
Summer 1989,
Spring 1991, 90   Cooperative Education Engineer – Defore Plant (Milliken & Company)
Assisted plant engineer with daily operations and long-term projects.  Formulated and realized predictive maintenance program using a variety of technologies, including vibration analysis and infra-red imaging.  Implemented new OSHA lockout/tagout, hazardous materials, and confined space entry requirements.  Implemented safety program in collaboration with local emergency services.  Led plant’s safety team, improving fire, hazardous materials and environmental safety/emergency preparedness.

Education & Academic Distinctions:

  • Honors BS, Electrical Engineering, Clemson University, 1993
  • Areas of study:  power system analysis; secondary area of study: digital electronics.
  • Ranked 3rd in class
  • INPO National Academy for Nuclear Training Scholar 1991/92 & 1992/93
  • National Science Foundation Undergraduate Research Assistantship – Power System Analysis 1992/93

Professional Certifications/Licensure:

  • Project Management Professional Certification (#283029)
  • North Carolina Professional Engineer License (#23039)
  • South Carolina Professional Engineer License (#22477)

Post Graduate Training:

  • Ford Motor Company Statistical Process Control Training.
  • C+, Basic, ForTran programming languages
  • Boiling Water Reactor Systems Training
  • Pressurized Water Reactor Systems Training
  • Project Scope and Schedule Control

Interests and Hobbies:

  • USCGA Coastal Navigation Certificate
  • Hap Ki Do, Taekwondo
  • NAUI Openwater I SCUBA Certified

References Available on Request

John C. Carter P.E., P.M.P.